The Team Behind the Product

Chief Inspirator

Software Architecture
Business Development
Bitcoin Community Evangelist

Paul V. Puey | CEO / Co-Founder

Paul is a proud Electrical Engineering and Computer Science graduate of UC Berkeley with a wide range of technical skills from low-level 3D graphics engineering to development of custom web CMS systems, even before people knew what a CMS was. He held lead engineering positions with Nvidia and Chromatic Research, but most recently owned and operated several non-technical small businesses throughout California. There he learned the importance of the intersection of people, business, and technology.

Today, Paul aims to bring Bitcoin mainstream with software and products aimed at simplifying Bitcoin and making it insanely easy to send and secure this revolutionary currency while maintaining the highest level of privacy.

When not converting people to bitcoin you’ll likely find him climbing a rock in Joshua Tree or at a local climbing gym.

Code Gigolo

System Administration

Tim Horton | CTO / Co-Founder

Tim began working as a software developer in 2005 in the finance industry. In 2007, during the turbulent markets, his software and the engineering department was acquired. He continued working in the finance industry while receiving his masters in Computer Science from California State University of San Marcos, focusing on applying machine learning to problems in BioInformatics.

In 2012, he co-founded Breadcrumbs, a mobile app to track your time and where you spend it. Breadcrumbs received awards at Uplinq 2012 conference, $50k in seed investment, and were accepted to the Qualcomm Labs EvoNexus startup incubator program in San Diego.

Tim has now turned his interest to all thing crypto. But when he isn't hashing and twiddling bits, he also enjoys traveling, backpacking and playing guitar.

Rick Chan

Worldwide Deal Wizard

Serial Entrepreneur
Broad Startup Experience
Global FinTech
International Wall St & BTC Passion

Rick Chan | Chief Operating Officer

Rick thrives on putting things together in a unique way and brings a diverse background to Airbitz. After graduating from the University of Rochester with a B.S. in Optics, Rick spent four years working in the Optical Engineering field before moving on to grad school. At Thunderbird, he specialized in Finance and International Management.

Since grad school, Rick has successfully connected investors, tech and great opportunities as he worked with a variety of startups, global FinTech ventures and Wall Streeters. Rick brings extensive startup experience in mobile, tech, social media, gaming, gamification, entertainment, FinTech and Bitcoin. He was a co-founder of AlphaPoint and served as COO. In addition, Rick’s extensive knowledge of boutiques and Fortune 500 companies adds a broad perspective. Name a financial center around the world and Rick has probably been there, but there are still so many more to explore!

Rick loves scuba diving in tropical water. He is also a bokeholic.

William Swanson

Code Plumber

Bitcoin Protocol
C / C++
Shell Scripting

William Swanson | Chief Architect / Co-Founder

William Swanson has been writing software since he was 11 years old. Although he has a degree in Electical Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, he is just as comfortable working with software as he is with electronics. He has built systems at every level of the technology stack, from custom circuit boards with embedded firmware up through web sites and 3D graphics applications.

Through his work with AirBitz, William Swanson has become an official contributor to the libbitcoin project, where he has written and contributed several new functional modules.

In April 2014 William teamed up with Amir Taaki, Pablo Martin of the Libbitcoin and DarkWallet project along with Damian Cutillo of Airbitz in Toronto for the 2014 Bitcoin Expo Hackathon. The team won first place with the DarkMarket project, a proof of concept for one of the world's first fully decentralized, anonymous, peer to peer marketplaces. The hackathon prize money was donated to the Libbitcoin project's future development.

Web Geek

Web Design & Dev

Damian Cutillo | VP Design / Co-Founder

Damian has been involved with computer networking and system administration since 1999 and in 2006 he started building applications with open source internet technologies. Damian is a member of several open source communities and enjoys building things that are intuitive and beautiful in design and function. If it's a project that can help the planet evolve in a more balanced and harmonious way that promotes the evolution of consciousness then you can count Damian in.

In 2012, Damian co-founded Breadcrumbs, a mobile app to track your time and where you spend it. Breadcrumbs received awards at Uplinq 2012 conference, $50k in seed investment, and were accepted to the Qualcomm Labs EvoNexus startup incubator program in San Diego.

In April 2014 Damian teamed up with Amir Taaki, Pablo Martin, and William Swanson of the Libbitcoin and DarkWallet project in Toronto for the 2014 Bitcoin Expo Hackathon. The team won first place with the DarkMarket project, a proof of concept for one of the world's first fully decentralized, anonymous, peer to peer marketplaces. The hackathon prize money was donated to the Libbitcoin project's future development.

Scott Morgan

Number Muncher

California CPA
Partnering & Networking
Wallet User
Ruby Newbie

Scott Morgan | H.R. & Accounting / Co-Founder

Scott has been on the finance side of the equation for most of his career. He has started several start ups and enjoys the excitement of building something new with a great team...and Airbitz is a great team!

Scott enjoys all things crypto and was bitten hard by the bug in 2012. He is excited to be in a space which can be created to help all individuals succeed in defining and achieving their own definition of success.

Tom Baker

Droid Jedi

Android UI/JNI
Digtal Comms
Image Processing

Tom Baker | Lead Android Developer

Thomas Baker actually programmed once on punchcards in college, yet graduated an Electrical Engineer from UC Davis. He transitioned from Analog to Digital Signal Processing and has worked in the Defense Industry before turning to Digital Mobile. Working at Bell Labs, he architected the world's first commercially available GSM chipset, earning him a Distinguished MTS. After a year as Bluetooth Architecture Review Board chair in 2001 for Agere Systems, he moved on to higher layers in the protocol stack and eventually ended up contracting for Android development, spanning the lower layers through advanced UI.

When Airbitz needed to integrate their C code of core bitcoin libraries into Android, he jumped at that challenge and now iOS and Android enjoy the same core codebase and UI look and feel. This is his first adventure in crypto coins. In his off time, Thomas enjoys lifelong learning, sailing, and San Diego.

Nik Oraevskiy

Insight Escavator

Financial Analysis
Deep Research
Exchange Analysis

Nik Oraevskiy | Business Development / Analyst

Nik started trading various asset classes at the ripe old age of 14, quickly learning the fundamentals behind exchange operations and the value of independent research. He then continued to build out his skillset at the University of Waterloo, studying Economics and Finance, while actively participating in the FX and Equities markets.

Since graduating, Nik has started his own consulting/research firm that has been providing insights across a multitude of market segments, centering around technology, venture capital, gaming, and digital finance for the past 5 years. His multi-faceted analytical approach helped organizations shed new light on old problems, while at the same time prepared them for new ones.

While at Airbitz, Nik has used his long rooted trading knowledge and research skills to build a thorough understanding of how the new digital economy functions and has helped in strategically expanding the Airbitz vision into Canadian boarders.

In his off time, Nik is an avid freediver and back-country, hiker - he also enjoys crawling the vast reaches of the internet, absorbing information like a demosponge fresh from the BC coastal waters.

Will Pangman

Growth Maven

User Engagement
Public Speaking
Social Networking

Will Pangman | Marketing Manager

Will discovered Bitcoin in late 2012 and immediately engaged in building the human networks around this new technology. He founded Bitcoin Milwaukee, a 150+ volunteer community advocacy organization that quickly became known as one of the most active and successful Bitcoin outreach groups in North America. For the past year, he served as COO for the Bitcoin startup, Tapeke, and remains as an advisor to the company.

Before Bitcoin, Will worked as a production manager in the film and TV industry in New York City, and then as a marketing and business development consultant helping to update small businesses for the digital age. Will excels at relating the complexities of bitcoin to people of diverse backgrounds and awakening their curiosity to the power of distributed networks and stateless money.

Will has been a guest on many podcasts, frequently contributes to the World Crypto Network’s flagship program The Bitcoin Group, and volunteers support to various standards and education projects in the space. Will brings his full sector knowledge, deep network, and relentless optimism to the Airbitz team, and looks forward to scaling the Airbitz tech stack to its first million users and beyond.

M.K. Lords

Strategy Ninja

Public Speaking
Content Creation
Social Media Management

M.K. Lords | Marketing/Community Manager

M.K. Lords became interested in the disruptive and charitable potential of technology after being a writer for several years. She is best known as the editor of Bitcoin Not Bombs which was formed out of an alliance with Her focus has been on how block chain technology can help disadvantaged people and controversial organizations. She has written for Bitcoin Magazine, Bitcoin Not Bombs, been published in the educational book Bitcoin: At Issue, and featured in Forbes. M.K. also brings her experience from the financial services sector as the former office/media manager for Roberts & Roberts Brokerage.

While much of her work is written, she also has done extensive video interviews with prominent voices in the Bitcoin space. She has spoken on nonprofits, activism, and philosophy at tech and liberty themed conferences and also organized two Bitcoin conferences. She applies her experience in multiple fields as the Community Manager for Airbitz. When not writing and speaking, she fire dances and co-hosts the radio show Freedom Feens.