I don’t remember my password, can Airbitz recover my password?

Airbitz does not store any user data so we would not be able to recover your password should it be forgotten. However, if recovery questions are set, you can still recover your account by answering the security questions  which will let you create a new password if answered correctly. Here are the current methods one would be able to recover their password:

  1. Recovery Questions – If recovery questions were set, you can answer the security questions to change your password to a new one
  2. PIN Login – If you were previously logged into your account and had PIN turned on but did not remember the password, you can still access your account via PIN Login. You can then transfer the funds to a new account or another wallet from there
  3. www.walletrecoveryservices.com/ – Wallet Recovery Services is a service we recommend where they will attempt to recover your account if you partially know your password for a small fee
  4. Wallet Private Seed – If you have the Wallet Private Seed saved or stored somewhere, you can also recover your funds from your account by entering it at https://airbitz.co/recovery/

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