How do I get my private key?

To retrieve your private key you will first need to get the Wallet Private Seed. After retrieving the Wallet Private Seed, you can enter that into to get your private key.

To retrieve your Wallet Private Seed and Private Key follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Airbitz account
  2. Go to your Wallets Screen
  3. On the top right, tap the 3 dots
  4. Tap Export
  5. Tap Wallet Private Seed (advanced)
  6. Enter your password and then you will be able to Print, Save to SD Card, and/or View it
  7. Go to
  8. Enter your Wallet Private Seed
  9. A list of all your public addresses, private keys, and balances will be displayed
  10. You will be able to sweep any of the addresses that has funds on them


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