How can I get Bitcoin into my Airbitz wallet?

  1. Touch the “Request” button on the bottom tab bar.
  2. If you would like to request a specific amount, you can enter that now. Otherwise, you can skip ahead to the next step.
  3. Press the big “Next” button.
  4. The app will display a QR code. Anybody who scans this QR code can send you Bitcoins. You can also use the buttons below to email or SMS the request to another person.
  5. On iPhone 4S or above, if Bluetooth is enabled on both sending and receiving phones, another user can send bitcoin by ‘scanning’ the Bluetooth request from up to 30 feet away. Verify the first 10 digits of the address on the QR code screen with the address on the Sender’s screen to ensure they are sending to the correct user.

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