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Our idea of ​​a purist cosmetics following, we make sure in the development and production of our cosmetics that each ingredient may be part of the recipe only if it contributes also felt the effects of the product. This means, for example, quite concretely:

No Alibi quantities! - Often you will find cosmetic products on the market that are advertised on the packaging of a certain ingredient that is included in the product itself but only in very small quantities abrundbaren to zero. These ingredients do not contribute to efficiency and marketing purposes only. Look at the list of ingredients especially on the position of the scenting (Parfum). All that is listed after that, usually only in the parts per thousand range included.
Thus, since in our opinion really should contribute to the activity ingredients, we also use no additives for example purposes only optics, but irritate your skin or irritate would.
The implementation of this purist idea has the following benefits for you:

Higher effectiveness of the product as a whole, because all the ingredients actually contribute to the activity.
Higher compatibility, because no skin irritating, mostly unnatural additives are included.
Thus resulting quality small series that make use of high quality raw materials in the first place economically. This results in the highest quality at reasonable prices.

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