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Private, secure access to the internet is getting more and more difficult to find. Are you worried that everything you say and do on the internet is being watched and recorded? offers a privacy solution through VPN High Speed Access, using servers located in the Netherlands, UK, USA, Switzerland, Canada and Germany. With our service you are completely anonymous, your traffic is fully encrypted, and you are totally protected.

*Enjoy total privacy, encryption and protection. We don't keep logs!
*Easy to install with YourPrivateVPN’s “Easy Connect” tool
*No registration necessary; total privacy guaranteed
*Secured access to the Internet from anywhere (even WiFi)
*No ads, no changes in your software.
*Lightning fast surfing and downloads with no traffic limits
*Unblock VoIP Applications
*Multiple VPN locations (7 countries) in one account, switchable

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Copa Apartments

Copa Apartments

Copa Apartments is a pioneer vacation rental agency in Rio de Janeiro. We have been in the business of apartment rentals and general tourist services in Rio since 1999. Our clients come from all over the world. The major difference between us and other vacation rental agencies is that we do not just rent the apartments like others do, but we also welcome you as part of our family and offer all the services to make your stay in Brazil the most pleasurable as possible. Most of our clients have become good friends of ours. Copa Apartments has its origin in the small family formed of the mother Dieine Pires and the son Eric Pires. They both came to Rio in 1998. Before, they used to live in a small country city in the state of Minas Gerais. Their goal with this change was to improve their welfare in the “Marvelous city”. Once in Rio, Dieine rented an apartment for short term in Copacabana, from a certain broker, for herself and her son. Soon she was working as an attendant in a photography store. As she is a very charismatic person and was often in the presence of many tourists and businessman, she started earning some extra money by referring those tourists and businessman to her broker. Eric then realized that this was a good business. He had the idea to create an apartment rental agency which would also be able to offer some hospitality services. He was just twelve when he started studying web design to develop the agency’s website. Tourism, management, languages, hospitality, local knowledge and other related subjects had become some of the family’s priorities. With a lot of hard work along the years, Dieine and Eric made Copa Apartments & Tour an internationally well known and respectable agency in Rio.
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Kombato Ltda

Kombato Ltda

Self-defense and martial arts course. Curso de defesa pessoal e artes marciais. Kombato, Kali Silat and Kettlebell training.
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DMB Tecnologia

DMB Tecnologia

The DMB technology emerged in 2005 with the objective of providing technology services, across multiple platforms, with a focus on innovation and quality. We had a great experience in the IT market oriented development and implementation of systems and solutions for Content Management, Portals and Enterprise Collaboration. Our goal is to have a satisfied customer, always bringing new ideas in order to apply the best technology intelligently and with confidence that we will achieve our ultimate goal, which is to provide the tools needed to boost your business.
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Mercado Bitcoin

Mercado Bitcoin

The acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of criptomoedas. The price charged for transactions that occur on our site is given by free negotiation among our customers. You can buy and sell at the time you want.
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Martial Arts, Self Defense and Conditioning Gym