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Polígono Romica Calle-4-Bis
Albacete, CM 02007

THE HOUSE OF SWEETS is a small factory of artisan chocolates. The creative spirit of the company our desire for innovation and renewal of chocolates.

Our chocolates are considered by our customers and innovative niche products of the highest quality.

This is because the high quality of the raw materials we use in processing, our excellent artisan production process, in which we put all our efforts and enthusiasm to meet the wishes of our customers, and the unstoppable flow of imagination that we apply the development of our products, based on the family tradition in the craft of bakery ingredients company.

Our pastry chef and co-founder, Jose Manuel Campos Basin, began his career in the world of pastry from the hand of his father in the family business and was a true innovator in pastry techniques hitherto unknown in our land. It has over forty years of experience in the trade and is a founding member of the "Interregional Association of Artisans Confectioners Taste and Tradition". Throughout his career he has won several awards nationally-recognized, awarded by the quality and innovation of its products, among which bronze medal at the food fair Barcelona FOOD awarded by the Guild of Confectioners of Barcelona in 1976.

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