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19 Rose St
Edinburgh, Scotland EH2 2PR

We started CeX in 1992 and set out to make it possible for people to afford even the most exotic kit by trading in their old, unwanted computing stuff, games and gadgets. We have always aimed to be the place you can pick up second hand oldies-but-still-goodies at knock down prices too.

At the same time we are determined to be a retailer that isn't guilty of destroying our environment by always selling new shiny stuff when cheaper second hand stuff, fully tested and backed by a full one year warranty and served by knowledgeable staff will do. We also don't want to be a retailer that colludes with software houses and hardware manufacturers to flog what they can't shift. We sell everything at the market price, if something doesn't sell, we reduce the price and if it sells too well, we increase the price. Simple market economics.

The official page for the fans of the revolutionary recycling store CeX. Tell us what you like, what you don't, funny stories, new releases, old gems, or just have a natter.

CeX buy, sell and exchange a range of technology and entertainment products. You can also donate some or all of the value of the items you are selling to CeX to a range of charities.

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