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Welcome to Filament Shop - possibly the first store you can buy filament for Your 3D printer in virtually any quantity. Go ahead and pick Your mix!

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Vapour Lights

Vapour Lights

We are an Irish based company and are serious about e-smoking! If you enjoy cigarettes then try the latest experience in tar free smoking, e-Cigarettes. Or maybe you want to give up smoking? O.K. Then you need to know this... patches and other substitutes like gum have had limited success in helping people to do this. Why? Well because smoking is an experience. Every smoker knows this! From opening the packet, taking one out, lighting the cigarette and taking that first breath all the senses and faculties are involved. Think about it, when you are out for a night and you have a drink your hands feel empty without the cigarette. Smokers are not only use to the taste and feeling of smoking but also to the action of smoking as well. This can't be replicated with a patch or gum so part of the experience of smoking is missing. This is where electronic cigarettes come in. They are the full package. They offer the full experience of smoking from taking one out to drawing in that first breath, even holding the cigarette tells your brain that you are performing the habit. Perhaps you don't want to quit you simply hope to avoid the tar and negative health effects associated with its intake when smoking traditional cigarettes. Either way you have found an effective alternative right here. Please note that Vapourlights can make no absolute guarantees about the efficacy of electronic cigarettes with respect to their action as a quitting aid. Willpower is required.