Visiconnex (New Ross)

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Unit 19 Woodbine Business Park
New Ross, Wexford

We are a fully licensed monitoring centre who specialise in the design, installation and monitoring of live CCTV systems.

Founded in 2004, we are based in New Ross, Co. Wexford and are fully compliant with the IS 228:1997 Alarm Monitoring Centres standard set out by the National Standard Authority of Ireland and we are also licensed by the Private Security Authority (License number PSA00726).

We have set the standard in the design of secure wireless CCTV networks, which dramatically reduce installation costs and disruption. This allows us to install a system over a large area where wiring is not a possibility. We have to date installed such networks in town centres and large sites throughout Ireland.

We are unique in that we tailor solutions for all live CCTV monitoring requirements. The most popular solutions are:

Event Based Monitoring

This solution works in conjunction with sensors and/or alarms. When a sensor has been activated or an alarm triggered a live video feed is instantly sent to our monitoring centre. Our highly trained staff then view the footage and if required contact the predetermined responders or Gardai. All footage is recorded on our secured server in our monitoring centre in line with data protection and is an accepted form of evidence in court.

Full Time Monitoring

In some cases, event driven monitoring isn't the most suitable method for the application. Perhaps the location is temporary or it would be very difficult for sensors to detect movement due to a large amount of activity. With Full Time Monitoring our staff monitors an area for any activity that is unwanted. We use a fully controllable camera with a powerful zoom lens and our staff watch the camera at all times This could be for break-ins, antisocial behaviour or illegal dumping.

Remote Monitoring

This solution which we designed in 2010 is primarily used to monitor remote areas for illegal dumping. Again we use zoom lenses and get real time footage of the number plate and activity of the offender. The information is then forwarded to the relevant local authority.

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