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576 Av Vélez Sarsfield
Córdoba, CD

Company Builders & Coworking Space.

Incutex is the first Company Builder of Argentina.
Each year we select a 3 startups to the training program, we work intensively with each team in weekly meetings and constant monitoring. We invest an initial capital of USD 25,000 in each of the companies. Team Incutex and mentors to offer comprehensive support to startups. Through a strategic alliance with Santex, technological support is provided to startups. And improve in development processes. methodologies You work with Customer Development, Lean Startup and Agile to bring ideas to market methodologies imagination. Our coworking space and bootcamps we do provide an amazing opportunity for synergies and networking.

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Mercadito Natural

Mercadito Natural

Natural Mercadito, online store. Organic, vegetarian and aware. At the beginning of 2012 we opened Natural Mercadito with the idea of simplifying the way people seek and get organic and natural products . We wanted to make the conscious consumer in a massive, accessible and daily habit and that we needed to get from the producer to the consumer with better prices. We then opted to build the project on the basis of the wonderful possibilities that the Internet gives us, as a communication tool at low cost, reducing infrastructure and automating processes. But above all, above all, we chose to develop the project based on the wonderful possibilities that gives us love. , we witness the transformation that is taking place in every home today, in every kitchen, every day. We heard amazing stories of improved health . We see the kids grow educated in this consciousness, healthy and happy, slowly building the new world to come. We are 7 billion of feeding people with every breakfast, every lunch, every dinner. Our daily food consumption is the engine of a vast network of producers, transporters, traders, companies, millions of hectares of land, rivers, animals. Which effects have on this network our small decisions, our small daily actions? In all neighborhoods were booths and payphones were disappearing when everyone started buying their own cell. When change our consumption habits modifies the system inevitably. Who would open a hair salon in a village peeled? The same applies to our daily food. When the demand for healthy products grows , so does the number of producers dedicated to meet that demand. And healthier production means more acres of healthy soil , more health for the producer and the consumer , greater crop diversity ... It's time to learn, act and spread. conditions are given. transformation process of thought is slow but Once that is accomplished, there is no turning back.