Digital Gold Foundries (Greater Sudbury)

Local Business
176 Larch St
Greater Sudbury, ON P3E 1C5

Our Skills:

*Altcoin Design: Launch your own P2P cryptocurrency. Make a coin for your business or your band. Your coin, your rules.
*Micropayments: 5 cent news articles? 10 cents for your thoughts? 25 cents a hi-res picture? Create & archive content - get paid.
*Cryptocurrency Exchange Software: Run your own exchange and earn revenue as your users trade.
*Casino Crypto Games / Tipping Systems: Earn additional revenue streams for your website or blog.
*Compliant Point Of Sale Systems: Want a "Bitcoin Accepted Here" sign in your store to get attention? All you need are stickers.
*Smart Contracts: Receive a payment, update a database, pay a distributor, order new parts then file the paperwork - no people required.
*Digital Fundraising: Create tokens/shares of your idea to sell to raise money for a good cause or to launch your business.

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