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We’re Concerned for your digital privacy and your right to free speech on the internet.

A few months ago we learned that all the major web hosting companies and domain name registrars are freely providing back-doors into their servers to provide governments and organisations with an easy way to spy on your digital data. When asked to hand over your personal data, they all relent without the slightest form of protest.
We also know that the major web hosting companies frequently shut down the websites of activist groups when requested by governments who label the individuals as “terrorists”, when in reality they are likely no more than a tree hugger with a protest website or entrepreneurs with benign file sharing websites.
We called out the major IT companies in the hope it would get them to think about the way they are behaving and ignoring the basic human right to privacy and free speech. It didn’t work. They all gave the same confusing responses and offer the same lame excuses.

IT Itch is different. We’re all about helping people, businesses and activist groups keep their digital identity anonymous, their online data private and their websites always online. We’re doing this by actively ignoring and impeding digital data requests and take-down notices, and we’re pretty good at it – we have a 100% non-compliance rate. We’re also helping domain name owners and website operators understand more about data privacy protection, and offering products and services designed to keep your identity secret, such as anonymous web hosting and private domain registration.

With web servers located in secret locations on three different continents, we have the ability to quickly transfer your data and website away from an unfriendly jurisdiction if the need arises. By accepted bitcoin as our preferred method of payment, we don’t need to collect any personal data about you whatsoever – all we need is an email address. And by actively protesting the shrinkage of privacy and free-speech laws, we are helping to restore basic human rights that should be the bedrock of our online community.
Now that you know IT Itch is the only web company willing to fight for you, maybe it’s time you switched to us?

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