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Kimberly cares about making fine Japanese stationery goods accessible to those who don't live in Japan or near a Japan Town, USA. After finishing her M.A. in the midwest, and finding it difficult to access Japanese pens and notebooks online, she founded Tokyo Pen Shop.

Having been both a student and teacher of Japanese, she cares about the unique needs of those studying a character-based language. The fine precision detail required a finer pen, and the quest for the perfect pen began.

Frank was an early convert to fine Japanese pens (Kimberly can be very persuasive) and hasn't looked back. He develops and loves every second that doesn't involve fixing bugs that only appear in IE6.

We love the internet here at Tokyo Pen Shop. We absolutely love it. The internet makes all kinds of things possible, including (but not limited to) fun websites for buying Japanese stationery. To best experience the internet, you really need a modern web browser like the most recent version of Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or even Internet Explorer 7. We do our best to support old browsers (like the evil Internet Explorer 6), but only so much is possible. If you have an old web browser please upgrade, you will love it! If you need help with that, email Frank and he will walk you through it.

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