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Make your Information Systems work for you with Outsourced Information


*Strategic Information Systems Management gives your organization the power of a fully staffed IS organization at a fraction of the cost—you only pay for the services you use. Outsourced CIO (Chief Information Officer) will work with your management team to identify high-impact areas where IT can help your organization and then manage the technical resources needed to execute the plan. Outsourced Technical Services provide technical resources that complement you internal staff to be sure your IT infrastructure runs smoothly.

*Strategic Application Development gives your organization the power of a fully staffed application development organization at a fraction of the cost—you only pay for the services you use. Outsourced Application Development Manager will work with your management team to identify high-impact areas where software applications can help your organization and then manage the technical resources needed to execute the plan. Outsourced Development Services provide development resources to create and maintain your custom applications.

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Puppywood Pet Resort

Puppywood Pet Resort

Want your pup to get the star treatment while your away? Puppywood offers a day of play for your pup while you work or vacation and luxury kennels for their overnight stay. We have supervised daycare that you can watch from your computer or iphone at to check-in on your dog or cat while away. Stop by for a tour!
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Aqua Technology Group LLC

Aqua Technology Group LLC

Meters, Controls, Telemetry, SCADA for Water, Wastewater, Industrial. Innovative controls and instrumentation.
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Freedom through open source. Own your platform. I want to share the knowledge and principles of open source to help you take control of your web presence and multimedia platform. This site is my ongoing effort to provide the curated information you need to “roll your own” open source solutions. I also provide my clients with premium design and consulting services using these open source technologies. These services include custom built computers, operating systems, networks and web presence design and services. I can provide complete service to you, or just the parts and pieces you need help with.
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We have revolutionized the way you buy a product that has been around for ages! Don't waste your money on an entirely new vertical blind. Simply buy the replacement slats from Every day, helps hundreds of homeowners and renters replace their damaged, dingy or unwanted vertical blind slats. Our replacement slats will benefit your home in many ways: Purchase extras and replace your slats as needed. We understand that pets, kids, weather, or the combination of them all can be very destructive at times. We offer 16 different colors, styles and textures. We have carefully selected some of the countries most popular options so there is a great chance that we have a match for your existing slats. If you don't want to risk it, take advantage of our Match-a-Slat program. Mail us a sample of your current slats and we will do our best to match it. They prevent solar heat gain in the summer and reduce heat loss in the winter by creating an insulating buffer between the interior and exterior. This insulating effect reduces energy consumption and lowers energy costs. By blocking UV rays, our slats prevent damage to furniture, fabrics and interior finishes protecting the durability of these items and reducing prematurely sending damaged products to a landfill prematurely. Our slats are designed, engineered and tested to ensure a long life, reducing landfill waste created by short-lived products.
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Scott Gregory, Farrier

Scott Gregory, Farrier

I began working as an apprentice farrier in 1991 while still in high school. Over the course of my career I have worked with most types of horses from working draft breeds to standardbred racing horses in New York to FEI dressage, eventers, jumpers, in Lexington and Florida, reiners, driving, gaited horses etc in the midwest and the eastern seaboard. I have placed well in several national farrier competitions and have studied with some of the top horsemen and farriers in the country. I have served as official farrier at numerous dressage (FEI), hunter/jumper and eventing competitions as well as the last four of the 100-day stallion tests at Paxton Farm and other breeding events like inspections and now several clients in the young horse programs.
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Rustic Refinery

Rustic Refinery

Rustic Refinery is a veteran owned retail business dedicated to supplying a range of high quality and environmentally friendly furniture to discerning customers based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Each piece is unique and carefully crafted to the highest standards by our artisans from recycled materials. We never let anything leave the workshop until its perfect. As we are sure you have noticed our pieces have wonderful character. Not only are they chic, but they are environmentally friendly too! Nothing says green like recovering forsaken elements to create an extraordinary work of art. No live trees are taken to create our pieces: they are all made from 100% recycled materials. Our artisans have created hundreds of different designs and many have been custom orders. Is there a design that you have in mind? If so then please contact us for a consultation or browse our stock for a bit of inspiration. Our artisans can create a custom piece that will be enjoyed by you and your family for generations. Our reclaimed wood and metal will stand the test of time. Our wood on average is over 100 years old and still going strong, that is something that few other companies can boast! Many of our competitors offering similar looking furniture use plywood or composite materials and are usually made in China. We are proud to say that our pieces are all 100% made in USA with 100% American labor. So if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind piece to fill a niche in your home we invite you to browse our website, call or email us.