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PENG promotes since 2006 Design, Art and Communication in Mainz. The artists PENG constantly define themselves new. After motto "PENG is what you make of it," the club's nothing, sets only a minimum amount of necessary rules and lets the actors otherwise free hand, the space PENG - the Pengland - to reinvent.

PENG acts as a living room, a meeting place, social network, work space, exhibition space, playground, workshop etc. Here discourse and reflection take place and is a critical zeitgeist maintained. Here people are photographed warm and invited to show with your works. The artists who come here to show their works have a wide variety of backgrounds. Young students show their work often for the first time a public outside the universities, established artists - professionals - the their
contest living with art, take advantage of the free space, the PENG offers to try out new things without PENG collected commissions or gallery strives for consistent contractual relationships. Hobby artists use the platform to present themselves to the outside.

What emerges is a kind of partnership or civil art space that fulfills a general social order without government subsidies. In PENG painting, photography, sculpture, installation can be enjoyed just as music, literature, theater and performance.

PENG's mission is to promote design, art and communication - need to be able to discharge this order but also promotion. This support is made ​​possible by donations, club or associate membership or perhaps in the near future the PENG-order continues by providing new spaces that allow
to meet. One thing is certain: So far, this experiment has everyone involved was great fun and we look forward with optimism, energy and creativity in the future.

*Call to check availability and for reservations!

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