Art on Glass Designs (Umatilla)

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10 Orange Ln
Umatilla, FL 32784

Our Specialties include:

*Glass Etching Service We Offer Surface Etching on any size glass. From small shot glasses up to large windows. Any of our 1200+ designs can be etched on your front door, side lights, Cabinet windows, Shower Doors, Jars, Mugs, Glassware, Trophies, anything you can think of or want to etch just ask and I will be happy to work with you.

Yes I can do custom Designs or modify any of our 1200+ to your liking!!

*Stick on Etching any of our 1200+ designs can be cut from a premium exterior grade adhesive backed sign vinyl with the look of etched or frosted glass.
They can be applied onto any smooth glass surface to provide an etched/frosted Look.
They have a 5-7 year Durability when applied outside. But much longer when applied on the interior side of the glass. or on interior glass seperators.
please visit our Stick on Sandblast page for more information!

*Vinyl Stencils offered in 4mil or 10 mil vinyl Resist.
Our Company has primarily sold vinyl stencils for the past 20 years It is our true Specialty Used by many companies around the United States.
These are used for many applications from sand or creme Etching on glass, tile, rocks, Ceramic vases, Concrete, Any smooth surface
Additional Uses can be painting, Staining a pattern onto wood with Jel Stains,

*For the Hobbyist we will be selling Etch All Etching Cream, Vinyl stencils and other products to assist you in etching at home. We will even hold class’s to teach you steps and tips on how to etch using Etch All Etching Creme and our stencils.

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