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The pace of business today is exponentially increasing and your strategy requires quick results with a clear overview. In today's world success is measured on your ability to promote growth, innovation, and a competitive advantage. These key factors provide a corner stone that helps you make decisions on how you adopt new approaches to turning your ideas into tangible results. Applying relevant technologies, tools, techniques and talent to dry facts and figures ensures you transform your ideas into a strategic solution that will help create a robust road map to solve your complex business ideas.

With a well-planned strategy you can ensure business execution through breakthrough innovation. Block chain technology is opening an ever expanding playing field that caters to radical innovation with greater reward potentials. Look closely at the technology as a whole; realize that your business of the future will be based solely on mathematical consensus that implements a direct method with a high level of security bases on standards you have defined.

Cryptinc provides "Out of the Box" block chain consulting with injections of new concepts fitting to your business inspirations. With our extensive knowledge in the areas of Information Technology, Finance, Marketing, and Public relations we can provide you with sound planning that will benefit your business idea. We will provide focus into your initiatives with strategic planning followed by product innovation and risk management. Our extensive experience with corporate level clients has honed our skills to prepare our team for the rapidly changing business environments.

We are committed consultants with key cores that are adaptive to your business needs.

1. Global reach. Deployment of strategies on a global scale
2. Action oriented. Quick identification of opportunities with core solution implementation
3. Cooperation. We stand by your side with clear directives
4. Results. Performance based solutions delivered on time
5. Sustainable. We enhance your knowledge

We are aware the world is changing and we want to help your business change with real tailored solutions that fit into this complex block chain technology.

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Beaux Pics

Beaux Pics

Pictures tell stories .... or should it at least. Only then they are good pictures. When the viewer sticks to the image and thinking begins. I take pictures out of passion and not because I so need to earn my money. I'll see with my main work at La Rue Consulting. For photography, I have come pretty late and I've taught myself everything by trial and error and a lot of reading. However, I have my own tastes and do not judge me by the so-called rules of photography. I photograph as I please. Of course, I am always thrilled by the images of the super-professional photographers of glossy magazines or from the big sellers on Fotolia ... but let's be honest for once ... these images are but now once made for the commercial and do not reflect reality. They reveal little about the motives or the photographer, they do not have their own character. However, I want to emphasize with my pictures of my character object or model. Therefore, I also take pictures ONLY mobile in the places that are familiar or like my client and not in the studio. I also assume no direct bookings without a previous interview. On my booking / reservation page, only the dates can be reserved for these discussions. The talks are absolutely free of charge. Only when we realize that the chemistry is right between us, we make a binding date for a photo shoot. The cost of each shoot can be found under the respective category. After all, even if I do not deny my living with photography, it is nevertheless a fairly costly secondary activity. An excerpt of my work can be found at the portfolio. Contact for appointment.
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CoWorking Giessen

CoWorking Giessen

Successful people do what others only talk or dream. Besipiel The easiest and best shows how it's done: The company Nike. Tick ​​it off and carved out. With the slogan "Just do it!" is the sporting goods manufacturer where others want to go. But where do you start? How does an idea into a business? What is the first step from theory to practice? To all these questions there are now casting an answer: The CoWorking Space in the Media Tower casting.