McLellan Style (Franklin)

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Franklin, TN

You know that feeling you get when you know you're doing something to make someone else really happy? That's the feeling we get when we photograph our couples.

When a bride tells us that her wedding photography is the one thing she's not stressed about at all, that is just the best.

When a groomsmen comes up just to tell us that they all had such a great time with us that day, inner fist pump!

When the father of the bride tells us he cried when he saw the images, we melt.

You know that feeling of bliss in the moment? Knowing that what we do enhances the experience of everyone involved in a wedding and will become a precious heirloom for that family, that is our bliss.

We don't want to just take your pictures. We want to help you make memories and create moments that you and your loved ones will never forget, while we happen to be photographing it.

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