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Welcome to Hearthfire Candles. We are located in a small fishing town in S. Florida called, Hobe Sound. At Hearthfire Candles, we work hard to bring you the highest quality candle available. All our candles are made within our very own kitchen and are not mass produced. We work in small batches so we can assure you of a flawless candle. Each candle is hand poured and the finished design is the ultimate of perfection. Unlike most other candles that burn down the middle, leaving you with lots of waste, ours burn smoothly, consistent, and evenly. The wicks we use create a larger melt pool, leaving you with little or no waste and no messy clean up. You will also notice that the oils that we use in our candles give each candle that true to life fragrance. At the moment we carry few scents, but we plan to triple the amount of scents we can offer within the next year.

Our vision is to illuminate lives with candlelight. Our mission is to create, produce and market premium quality soy candles. All our products are handcrafted in Hobe Sound, FL using only the finest high-grade ingredients.


Hearthfire Candles

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