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San Diego, CA

ITEX Corporation (OTC: ITEX) is a leading marketplace for cashless business transactions across North America. For more than 30 years, ITEX has helped tens of thousands of businesses generate new sales, conserve precious cash flow and increase profits. With our leading payment technology platform for processing cashless business transactions and our exclusive distribution channel, member businesses utilize our digital currency "ITEX dollars" to exchange goods and services, rather than use cash.

ITEX provides a stable and secure infrastructure for businesses to barter and has over 90 franchisees and licensees serving over 22,000 member businesses. The ITEX corporate office, located in Bellevue, Washington, debits and credits member accounts processing over $270 million a year in cashless ransactions and provides 24/7 automated check authorization service via the internet and by phone to insure that all barter checks will clear. The corporate office also provides a monthly statement with all of your account activity. Local offices of the ITEX franchisees and licensees promote commerce for members by publishing member information, newsletters and networking locally and nationally to augment business by matching member haves with other member wants.

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