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See the hidden beauty of your world at powerful magnifications unimaginable. We provide visually striking art that is truly unique and holds a deep personal meaning for each one of our clients. With the use of state-of-the-art scanning electron technology and the finest microscopy techniques, your personal samples are scanned down to the nanometer to create high-resolution images. These images intimately combine art and science to visually capture and reveal the hidden secrets, arresting beauty, and the stunning complexity of nature.

Nothing makes us happier than sharing our enthusiasm, letting you be a part of this process, and continuing to nurture the curiosity of the next generation so that love of art and science is never lost. Each canvas serves as a window into an unseen world ordinarily lost to the human eye. You can be assured your unique unreproducible masterpiece will be born into the world of art with a distinct fingerprint never to be duplicated.

Here, beauty truly is in the details.

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WXPI Williamsport Community Radio 88.5 FM

WXPI Williamsport Community Radio 88.5 FM

Williamsport Independent Media is a grassroots organization empowering local residents to express their passions, concerns, and creativity by giving them access to media that emphasize underrepresented voices and perspectives.