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New game server company bringing in change.We are a team of gamers and developers bringing you the best out of game server hosting at an affordable price.

Inexpensive Game Server Hosting.
Launch sale! Use code LAUNCH for 25% off your first month.

Minecraft Server Containers
Enterprise-level hardware. Less lag, more gaming!

User Experience
Customized, aesthetically pleasing user interface for all your needs.

Backups and Restore
Hourly backups, pick between multiple points in your timeline.

KVM Virtualization
All memory and HDD space is 100% dedicated to you.

1 GB
DDoS protection
MineOS & FTP
Dedicated IP
$4 / m

Control Minecraft with MineOS

We utilize a customized version of MineOS to control all your Minecraft needs. All of your management is done in a simple and easy to use interface that seamlessly integrates with your Minecraft server. Want to create a Tekkit or Bukkit server? It's only one click away. Switching seamlessly between different instances, never having to create and re-create the server? We offer that too. We also provide you with FTP access so you may modify any file you wish.

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KW Smart Home

KW Smart Home

We are a small family run business centrally located in Kitchener On. We specialize in Home Automation, Custom Home Theater, Lighting Controls, and Sound Anywhere. Open for business in 2011, we have specialized in helping many customers with product purchases and system design and setup. Originally CEDIA trained, we now constantly update product knowledge and practical design know how through courses, merchant training, and vendor schools.
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Kwartzlab Makerspace

Kwartzlab Makerspace

The Kwartzlab Society is a not-for-profit corporation, registered in the province of Ontario, it is entirely member-driven.
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Sara's KW Driving Academy

Sara's KW Driving Academy

Sara's Kitchener-Waterloo Driving Academy (Sara's K-W Driving Academy) believes and pioneers strongly in driver safety. We are an MTO approved new driver instructions and training course provider. We do the best we can to provide our driving students and trainees with skills, experience, and knowledge they need to become proactive, defensive and responsible road users. Our driver’s instructions and training curriculum include understanding of the vehicles, environment and most importantly the driver him/herself. Kitchener Waterloo Driving School academy’s in class instructions and in car training include: Defensive, proactive, and emergency manoeuvrings techniques using the latest technology. We are a Ministry of Transportation or MTO approved beginner driving education course provider. All Instructors are certified, qualified and pleasant to learn from The MTO certificate may qualify the students for a lower Insurance premium Graduated licensing System In April of 1994 Graduated Licensing was introduced. All new drivers’ from that point on were and are required to follow the graduated licensing process. That means that new drivers earn full driving privileges in two stages. You will start out with a G1 license. To obtain one you must be at least 16 years of age and pass a vision and written test. With a G1 license the wait time before you can go to the G2 road test is 12 months. If you take a Ministry approve Beginner Driver Education course you can reduce that time to 8 months. Kitchener Waterloo (K-W) Driving School Academy provides driving instructions and training according to MTO specifications in Cambridge Ontario (ON), Elmira, St. Jacobs, St. Agatha, Conestogo, Guelph, Preston, Galt, Bloomingdale and surrounding area. Residents of New Hamburg, Baden, Luxemburg, Petersburg, Wilmot, Waldau and all other Wellington County, Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge Ontario (ON) neighbouring communities please call and ask for our out of town driver training program. Being a G1 license holder means there are some fairly strict rules to follow. Learn more about them through the course we offer. After the student has passed the driving test they then have the privilege of being a G2 licensed operator. A G2 license offers more privileges due to the amount of driving experience that person has gained while being a G1 licensed driver. There are still some driving restrictions for a G2 license holder. The Graduated Licensing System has had much success in reducing injury and death for novice drivers. It takes the average novice driver about five years to have the skills, knowledge, confidence and ability of an experienced driver. Reduce your waiting time for the G2 road test from 12 months down to 8 months One on one in car lessons - we pick you up and drop you off our student trainees Flexible times, and dates for in car lessons Co-driver education offered Graduated licensing and Demerit point system Vehicle inspection for road worthiness Traffic laws Your Vehicle and the environment Night driving, efficient use of light. Winter Driving, black ice, poor visibility. Breaking techniques, threshold breaking. Learn how to drive to be safe and reduce fuel consumption. Driving vehicles and their impact on the environment. How to be an environmentally friendly driver and save money on fuels. Alternative fuels. Internal combustion engines versus newer engine technologies. All driving requirements including in class lessons and in car instructions must be completed by the student within a 12 month time frame
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Fairtax Business Services

Fairtax Business Services

We prepare personal and small business income tax returns for Canada and the United States. We have been preparing income tax returns since 1996. At Fair Tax Business Services we understand your needs as individual and small business taxpayers. Fairtax Business Services has been serving Kitchener, Waterloo (K-W), Cambridge, Guelph, Elmira, London Ontario, Toronto and surrounding communities and areas with their Canadian and United States (U.S) income tax preparation needs since 1998. We have clients located in other communities in Ontario as well as other provinces in Canada. Our fee includes free e-filing (electronic filing). Please contact Fairtax Business Services for Revenue Canada (CRA) e-filing (electronic filing) eligibility criteria. We provide instant express cash refund. Bring in your tax papers and receive your instant tax refund in cash back to you or cheque in less than one hour (some restrictions may apply). Please contact us for: General Canadian and US tax returns Immigrants and Emigrants to and from Canada Canadians working in the US or having US source income and/or property Canadian Co-op students employed in the US Canada-US Cross-Border Tax Preparation US citizens living or working in Canada US Gambling - 30% non-resident tax withheld on gambling winnings US & Canadian Prior Years "Catch Up" Packages for late filers.
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New Approach Painting

New Approach Painting

We're painters... VERY GOOD painters, both in terms of the way we use a brush and the open, responsible, honest way we do business. We offer a full suite of painting-related services for your residence or your company. Using a special set of the best techniques old and new, and with a green conscience, we'll be the best contractors you ever hired!
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Death Valley's Little Brother

Death Valley's Little Brother

We specialize in proper espresso, single malt whiskies and kick-ass baked goods with a peppering of agreeable playlists.
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Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATM

No Banks. No Forms. No Wait. Fiat to Bitcoin in fifteen seconds.
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You Pack, We Store

You Pack, We Store

Storage by the box Summer, co-op, study abroad and on-demand storage made simple. Pricing starts at $7.50 / month.