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The Forest Beach Migratory Preserve is a unique and important project. The 116 acre site was previously used as a golf course. However, the site boasts significant ecological value and restoration potential due to its size and proximity to Lake Michigan. The property is located on the Lake Michigan shoreline with the majority of the golf course situated approximately 600 feet inland. It is one of the largest tracts of open land remaining in Ozaukee County along Lake Michigan.

The property features a 5-acre hardwood forest with ephemeral (seasonal) ponds, open grassland and prairie, a partially wooded ravine and five constructed wetland ponds.

The property’s location and attributes lends itself to supporting migratory birds along the Lake Michigan Flyway. Immediately upon acquisition OWLT began stewardship activities including invasive and exotic plant control.

Today the preserve hosts a "patchwork quilt" of habitats that support migratory birds, reptiles and mammals of all kinds. An interpretive trail system invites visitors to meander through the preserve learning about the restoration efforts and the unique habitats created. The original clubhouse has been renovated and can be used for events of all kinds.

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