Jan Jippe De Kunstsite (Almere-Stad)

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Krammerstraat 10
Almere-Stad, FL 1316 LH

Do you have ENOUGH OF THIS POSTER above the sofa? Look at you for a while? Against a bare wall Want to know more about how a work is created where an artist or his / her inspiration from?

Jan Jippe ART SITE is THE website that gives the answers. There is a lot of art lovers to see and read about art. I reach for budding artists and all kinds ADVICE TECHNIQUES that may be useful to develop his own style.

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This is part of the Portfolio of Yao van den Heerik. An Epicurean designer who likes to make stuff. Behind most images are more images to explore. You can use Bitcoins for designsmurf services.
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Silver Gold Shop is a modern and innovative company to purchase the highest quality silver and gold at current and competitive prices. We want to make it possible for individuals and businesses to buy. In a safe, quick and easy way silver and gold Silver Gold Shop was founded because we believe there are too few people are aware of the impact of the financial and monetary crisis on their personal situation. In addition there are in our opinion too few providers that serve their customers in a professional and contemporary manner.
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Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATM

Located in the science park, Polder is the place to be. The Bitcoin ATM is located near the entrance. Free WiFi and Parking.