Connections Community Church (Meridian)

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2150 West Cherry Lane
Meridian, KS

Back in college, when God gave me the vision of starting a Creative church I had a lot of doubters. To put it directly, I had people who I looked up to and respected tell me, “It will never work”… But that didn’t stop me from pursuing the vision God had laid on my heart. Later when we were interviewing with boards asking them for approval to plant a church I had one man stop me mid-sermon and say, “Just the sound of your voice puts me to sleep”… Once again I had to push and do what I knew God calling me in my heart to do. To create a place where Creatives like myself could come together and use the gifts that God had given them to worship God. I believe that whether you are a creative type or not that most will enjoy being a part of a constantly changing creative celebration of God. Whether its both worshipping God and presenting his incredible message through creative: videos, drama, artwork, music, speech or otherwise; I get excited by just the thought (let alone the actual experience) of pursuing God through a creative community. A creative community of people who are all in different places on their journey with God, that have decided to journey together. This is what I believe you will find when you visit, interact with and hopefully one day call home to Connections Community – Dusty

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