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Established in 2010, Comity is a full-service web agency based in Indiana and California. Our team aims to bring a clients' idea to life with skillful design, development and deployment. We specialize in iOS Development, eCommerce, SEO, and Hosting & Support.

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Khana Khazana Indian Grill

Khana Khazana Indian Grill

Khana Khazana Indian Grill was opened in 2000 by owners Ashok and Anita Kumar to serve The Greater Lafayette with delicious Indian food. Khana Khazana is a wonderful place for anything from meeting up with that old friend, discussing business with your colleagues, taking the kids out for lunch, or for a fine romantic anniversary dinner with that special someone you love. Mellow, relaxing atmosphere and friendly service ensure that you will enjoy your visit to Khana Khazana.
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DT Kirby's

DT Kirby's

Trish & I started this little dive bar to bring back a piece of Chicago neighborhood bars. Our goal is to serve various BURGERS/DOGS & SANDWICHES from across the United States (MAPS) (Mom and Pops). We think our first day was around September 19 of 2008. Our menu is not normal, nor was it designed that way. Many items are used with local small business people who feel service is the best way to grow. For those who want to watch their weight or lower the chances of a heart attack …. We are not it ! Stop in grab a meal … toast with a shot of Jameson (which is on tap) and soak down a Pint of the traditional Old Style that has been a part of my life. Thanks for checking out The Greater Lafayette area, we encourage to walk around and enjoy so many wonderful spots. This town has Great food, killer live entertainment & an art scene to match in major city. From this corner bar not on the corner --- we say thank you