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On this website you will see different aspects of my work as an artist with some clue to this process over. There is also a separate section with pictures of my work.
- 1927: Born in Jakarta, Indonesia.
- 1946: Returned to Netherlands

- 1948: Final exam gymnasium B

Training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Arnhem and specialization in weaving at the Academy in Den Bosch.

- 1975-80: Living in Istanbul

Took lessons in painting at Mehmet Guleryuz.

- 1980-86: Living in Taipei, Taiwan.

Studied Chinese brush painting under Au Ho Nien.die as master of the Ling Nan School also many exhibitions in Europe and America

- 1986-89: Living in Beijing

Studied Chinese calligraphy under Yang Yong.

- 1989: Returned to the Netherlands.

Gave lessons at schools and free Academies in Netherlands and Belgium and Taiwan. Works are purchased by individuals, schools, offices and businesses, and the Taipei Museum of Modern Arts and the Keelung Arts Center.

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Studio Ra

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OliNo Energy BV

OliNo Energy BV

In a society that sustainably meet its own energy.
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OliNo Energy

OliNo Energy

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