Aquarius Window Cleaning (Englewood)

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204 Pine Glen Court
Englewood, FL 34223

One on the main things we here from customers is how good there windows look after being cleaned.The difference will make the whole building look fresher and more enjoyable

It would take an untrained person maybe 3-4 hours , perhaps more , to clean a mid sized house in and out. A professional could do this in half the time with much better results.

At Aquarius Window , we are committed to satisfying our customers’ needs. We are a service company and service oriented and pride ourselves with quality workmanship and customer service, plus we guarantee satisfaction for all of our work.

For each and every job, big or small our technicians use the latest equipment available for the best results and quality work, all while being cost effective on every project. At Aquarius Window we are committed to meeting our clients’ budget needs and time restraints.

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