Liquid Diving Adventures (Grand Junction)

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2450 Wellington Crt
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Liquid Diving Adventures is a dive travel agency with a true tie to marine conservation. Our sister organization, the Oceanic Resource Foundation ( ) is a US 501c3 non-profit group. A portion of any sale booked through Liquid Diving Adventures is donated to ORF for marine conservation projects. We focus on dive trips throughout the Caribbean where most of our conservation projects take place. Book a trip and save a sea turtle!

Besides our speciality in the Caribbean, we also book those unusual locations that we call our bucket list. These are locations that may be remote and are certainly unspoiled, places where the reefs flourish and fish species abound. One example is Tubbataha Reef in the Philippines, probably one of the finest dive sites in the world. Contact us for information. We also offer select dive resorts and liveaboards in Fiji and Indonesia.

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