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At CR, we are passionate about what we do and will continue to push the envelope with new fashions. We pledge to take innovation seriously, using new materials, fastening techniques, material coatings, and more to provide the most durable yet stylish clothing and accessories. Our goal is to appeal to a man’s sense of style as well as his sense of forward-thinking and problem solving.

At CR, we will do our best to make sure your first impression is a great impression. Whether it is direct interactions with our staff or product satisfaction, we believe that customer happiness is the ultimate goal of building a business.

Clothing and accessories are not keeping pace with the way we live our lives. Innovations in clothing that we commonly see today is limited to new patterns or colors, but with very few true innovations. We aim to show that there are literally hundreds of other simple innovations yet to be made making life more convenient for you.

Completely Royal wants to lead the charge to change how a man views his fashion choices. Join us and become Completely Royal.

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