Michiana Movers (Elkhart)

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746 Marine Avenue
Elkhart, IN 46516

As a company we at Michiana Movers offer customers a multi purpose range of moving services. Quite literally moving is our business, and we have been doing it for years. To find out what moving services we have to offer customers contact us by phone or email. At Michiana Movers we believe that we can move anything from a pool table through to relocating offices or commercial properties.

Primarily we are able to move a great deal of things all at once over varying distances. We are capable of moving things over long distances, indeed across the whole of the country. Usually long distance moving is the most expensive service that we offer, and the one that takes the longest to achieve. Then we also offer local area moving when we only move items over a short distance. The service we offer is essentially the same, only the distances involved alter.

We offer a commercial moving service to businesses that either want to relocate their work premises, or may be hire our services to move equipment from one office or store to another one within their company. Commercial customers hire us to provide them with a fast and highly reliable moving service, which is what we give them.

Residential moving is yet another service provided by our company for our customers who are moving from one home to another one. We take all the hassle out of moving homes for our customers with our efficient moving services. Another similar service we offer is apartment moving. Apartments need all of our customers things in, so we move those things for them.

As a specialist service we also offer is a senior moving service. Basically we offer a service that offers more help to senior citizens that hire us to sort out their moves for them. We give the highest quality of customer service to all of our customers and never compromise on quality. Further more we provide them with tips on how to make the moving process simpler and run as smoothly as possible for them. All they have to do to gain access to our excellent moving services is to contact us and discuss their needs with us.

There are different aspects to the services that we can offer our customers, like offering storage solutions. We offer storage boxes to hire in their own right, or to be included in the total costs for moving. We deliver specific items from one place to another that are too big for parcel couriers, like pianos and ?pool tables.

Aside from these services we also pick up donations to go to charity, and waste to be taken to the dump. We at Michiana Movers therefore will anything that our customers pay us to move. They can even hire our truck and move everything by themselves if they prefer to do things that way. They can hire us for a whole host of moving services by contacting us as soon as they know the exact nature of the services that would prove most useful to them.

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