Tree Service Fort Wayne (Fort Wayne)

Local Business
7414 Imperial Plaza Drive
Fort Wayne, IN 46835

Tree Service Fort Wayne provides full tree removal & trimming service specializing in difficult jobs that may require crane and master climbers. We have over 25 years of experience in providing reliable & efficient tree care in Fort Wayne, IN that rivals top companies in the Nation. We have certified arborist on staff and wide array of equipment to get the job done safely, we are licensed & insured by the ISA and national arborist associations. We pay our crew well so we can keep the best tree surgeons in the State. We strive to be the best Fort Wayne Tree Service there is, our complete service also include tree stump removal & grinding, emergency tree services, commercial & residential, dangerous tree cutting over hanging houses & roofing, cabling & bracing & more.

We handle jobs companies walk away from, because we are confident in our abilities. We got great climbers and bucket trucks to handle jobs quickly as well as crane if we need it.

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