Inland Aquatics (Terre Haute)

Local Business
10 Ohio Street
Terre Haute, IN 47807

We offer fish that live, aquariums that work, and water features that make your life easier, not harder.

We have the largest selection of tank-raised marine ornamentals on the planet. All of our wild-collected salt water fish are held for a minimum of 2-6 weeks, depending on species, before we offer them for sale, ensuring that we sell the most robust fish in the industry.

A lot of our stuff is raised right here in the building. Our facility is over 13,000 sq ft. and we have nearly 40,000 gallons of salt systems alone.

Inland Aquatics has been around since 1993 and is responsible for introducing refugia, deep sand beds, detritivores and Algal Turf Scrubbing to the hobby.

Our systems utilize ATScrubbers, which grow algae, remove wastes, oxygenate the system, and eliminate the need for monthly water exchanges!

Our staff members are aquarists with lots of experience and our general manager is a marine biologist.

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