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BIRD EYE PRODUCTIONS creates unique and high quality aerial videos and photography with our professional (unmanned aerial systems), or aerial drones. We use professional photographic and video equipment for optimal quality. Our videos and photos can be shot or converted to 4k. All of our footage is compatible with television, film, and any other commercial applications. Our services offer new captivating perspectives from "bird eye views."

Helicopters and planes face limits regarding altitude, maneuverability, and flying regulations, not to mention the large expense associated with their services. "Aerial drones," on the other hand, are more versatile in their ability to maneuver at lower altitudes and through tight spaces, giving them an increased ability to capture footage in more challenging environments.

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Welcome. if you’re interested in helping the less fortunate among us, you are in the right place. If you love Bitcoin, so much the better. There’s no watchers here though. Everybody works. If you really want to start a revolution, don’t pick up a gun. Pick up a soup ladle. Welcome to the Outpost. Let’s get to work. Jason King, Founder Sean’s Outpost
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Thank you for visiting our website. We are a locally owned and operated locksmith company in the Pace and Milton Florida areas. ​ Safety comes first, and it's your safety that's the first on our list at Sure Locksmith. When something goes wrong, we will be there as your emergency locksmith. Nothing provides greater reassurance than knowing the locks to your home, car and office are secure. As advancements in the industry occur, we continually train and keep up-to-date with advancing market methods and developments. Whether you need a simple key or a master key system we will find the best solutions for you and your business. Our company is founded on the idea of helping people. Our owner is determined to focus this business as a service to those in need in our community. His passion for helping people is what prompted him to become a certified locksmith.