The easiest to use and easiest to secure bitcoin wallet.

Now securing private keys for other blockchain applications.

Automatic client-side encryption ensures bitcoin keys are always encrypted and protected from malware.

HD address rotation, decentralized access, & zero-knowledge encryption make Airbitz the #1 most private cross-platform wallet

Connectivity to multiple public bitcoin nodes ensures wallets function even if Airbitz servers are down.

Bluetooth & NFC payments, transaction tagging, multiple wallets per account make the power users happy.

The familiarity of a username & password hides the complexity of cryptography and synchronization

Edge Login, plugins, and the Airbitz SDK connect the mobile wallet to a suite of other blockchain applications

Expandable Plugin Architecture

Buy & Sell Bitcoin

Mobile Phone Topups

Discounted Gift Cards to Major Retailers

Add Your Own Plugins

Incredibly Rich Functionality and Features

  • Zero-access to user funds or transaction data by Airbitz or other 3rd parties
  • Integrated buy/sell for US residents
  • Pay using Bluetooth (BLE) without needing QR codes
  • Fast Touch ID login on iPhones
  • Simple account creation using just a login & password (no printing of PDFs, writing down pass phrases, or adding encryption settings)
  • Automatic encrypted wallet backup to redundant peer-to-peer cloud servers
  • One-Touch 2-Factor Authentication for the easiest-to-secure wallet in the world
  • Quickly switch accounts with username drop down on login screens
  • Multi-device synchronization across all mobile devices
  • Simple password recovery capability
  • Hierarchical Deterministic wallets with changing addresses per transaction
  • Multiple wallets per account with simple user defined wallet names (ie. “Vacation Fund”)
  • Support for over 140 currency exchange rates
  • Search transactions by payee, category, or notes
  • Configurable mining fees per transaction
  • Pay to QR code from photo album
  • Built in calculator for easy conversions
  • Merchant Mode enabling easy and fluid UI behind the counter
  • Partial payment detection creates a new QR code payment request with remaining balance
  • Configurable daily spending limits (require password to spend above limit)
  • Configurable PIN-requiring spending limits
  • Quick 2-tap UI to transfer funds between wallets
  • Import (sweep) funds from WIF or Casascius private keys
  • Decentralized server architecture. Wallets work even if Airbitz servers are down.
  • Integration with the Airbitz Business directory to auto-complete business information for transactions including business logo/photo
  • Integration with address book to auto-complete payee name and photo
  • Login to BitID supporting websites
  • BIP 70 Payment Protocol Support
  • Open-source code. Available on