Securing the Future of Blockchain Technology

Airbitz is a single-signon security platform for blockchain apps

Introducing Edge Login

The world’s first zero-knowledge single sign-on solution.

Use the Airbitz wallet to login to decentralized blockchain apps with the scan of a barcode.

Private keys are instantly created, encrypted, and backed up.

No words to write down, no files to save, no data to encrypt. It all happens automatically, magically.

A Trustless & Private Security Platform

Edge Security to the Rescue

For decades, we've utilized the enterprise security model which centralizes valuable data with trusted custodians. Over and over, this model has been proven to be flawed, with countless hacks, breakins, and thefts of consumer information and data.

Instead of relying on enterprise server security, Edge-Security encrypts data first the user's device before it ever touches a network or server.

A server-side hack yields nothing but fully encrypted, private data. A hack on a user’s device yields only the data of that one user vs millions of users. The incentive to attack the system is reduced by orders of magnitude.

Airbitz provides the world’s first edge security platform that allows developers to build apps that secure users’ data at "The Edge."

Automatic Backup

Client-Side Encryption

Multi-device synchronization

One-Touch 2 Factor Authentication

Password Recovery

Revision Control / Rollback

Developer SDK

Use Case

Utilize the Airbitz SDK to secure your blockchain application in just a few lines of code. Users create an account and login to your app with an easy and familiar username and password. Current Airbitz Wallet users can simply scan a barcode.

Easy NPM install

npm install airbitz-core-js-ui --save

Initialize the library

var abcui = require('airbitz-core-js-ui')
var abcUiContext = abcui.makeABCUIContext({
    'apiKey': 'api-key-here',
    'accountType': 'account:repo:com.mydomain.myapp',
    'bundlePath': '/path-to-abcui/',
    'vendorName': 'My Awesome Project',
    'vendorImageUrl': ''

Open an overlay login window and get back a master private key once the user authenticates

abcUiContext.openLoginWindow(function( error, account ) {
  privateKey = account.repoInfo.dataKey.toString( 'base64' ) 
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Developers, check out our open source SDKs on Github:

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